The main function of Janmajayanthi celebrations, viz.Kanakabhishekam and Vyaghra Simhaarohanam of His Holiness was celebrated on 18th December in a grand manner. Hundreds of devotees from all over India participated and obtained the blessings of His Hoiness. The event was telecast live by Shankara TV.

As part of Janmajayanthi Celebrations, Vidvat Sadas (Conference of Vedic scholars) under the auspices of Brahma Vidya Parishad was held for 5 days, participated by 27 scholars from all over India.His Holiness chaired the conference.

Janmajayanthi Mahotsavam of His Holiness was celebrated in a grand manner at Shrimutt Mumbai - at Shri Hariharaputrabhajan Samaj- Shankaralayam, Chembur, between 11th December and 21st December 2016. Special havans were organized on all these days apart from cultural programs.


Sri Gurucharana Paaduka Mahotsavam, commemorating the conclusion of centenary of His Holiness Sri Sri Ramachandraananda Teertha Mahaswamigal was conducted in a grand manner at the Branch Shrimutt at Chennai- Tambaram in the holy presence of Sri Periyava on November 2nd 3rd and 4th. Chaturvada Paraayanam by more than 50 pundits, bhajans, religious discourses in the evenings and a grand Rathotsavam on 4th morning marked these celebrations.

His Holiness`s camp at Chennai- Tambaram concluded on Sunday, 15th November 2015. The camp left for Srikshetra Shakatapuram on Monday, 16th November 2015, early hours and reached Srikshetra Shakatapuram on Tuesday, 17th November 2015 after an overnight halt enroute.


After the Navarathrotsava His Holiness went on a Vijaya Yathra in North India covering the holy places like Naimisaranya, Ayodhya, Prayag, Varanasi, Gaya, Vindyachal & Mathura.


Sixty days of Chaturmasya Vratah Sankalpam at Shrimutt Tambaram was a great fulfilling opportunity and experience for every devotee. Elaborate arrangements done by Srikaryam and Sri Venkatewaran mama along with their dedicated team made those 60 days memorable. Needless to say about the grand annadana managed by Sri Chellappa Mama & team. Devotees from all over India visited continuously, apart from Chennai devotees and took the blessings of His Holiness during Chaturmasya period. Apart from daily poojas in temple & Shrimutt, cultural programmes in mornings as well as evening sessions added grandeur to the occasion. Lot of young artists performed and one could hear every artist sharing their experience about the kind of vibration they felt when they were performing. Highlight of the culturals was the Upanyasam by Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman on SHIVANADALAHARI for 3 days. His Holiness himself sat through and heard the Upanyasam. He was so pleased that He rendered a special Anugrahabhashanam on the concluding day for felicitating Sri Nochur Anna.

This year’s Viswaroopa Yatra was again unique. A house property at East Tambaram was donated to Shrimutt by an ardent devotee. Viswaroopa Yaatra and Bhagavadgita Parayan was conducted in that new branch Mutt followed by a visit to ADAYAPALAM, the birth place of Shiva Avatari Sri Appayya Deekshita. (Adayapalam is about 130 KMs from Chennai in the Chennai Bengaluru highway- near Arcot). It was Jayanthi Mahotsava of Sri Appayya Deekshita. His holiness was accorded a warm welcome by the Committee who had made sincere arrangements for Sri Periyvas’s stay there for few hours. His Holiness visited the temples established by Sri Apayya Deekshita and blessed the devotees with an Anugrahabhashan detaling the history and greatness of Sri Apayya Deekshitha.

Sharan Navarthri Mahotsava was celebrated in a grand manner in His Holiness Camp at Shrimutt Tambaram as well as at Shrikshetra Shakatapuram. Apart from special poojas daily, Suvasini / Kanya Puja was conducted. The festvities endd with Sata Chandi Homa on Monday 10th October 2016.

After successful completion of Chennai Vijaya Yatra, His Holiness left for Shrikshetra Shakatapuram on Wednesday, 12th October 2016.

Shrimutt camp left Mumbai on October 5th after completion of Chaturmasya Vratha and reached Srikshetra Shakatapuram on 7th.

SHRANNAVARATHRI Mahotsava was celebrated by His Holiness at Srikshetra Shakatapuram in a grand manner from Oct.12th to Oct 22nd. On Mahanavami day (21st) Shata Chandi Homa was performed. Suvasini Pooja was conducted daily with participation by more than 500 Suvasinis apart from devotees from all over the country.

Shrimutt camp left Srikshetra Shakatapuram on Sunday, 25th, for camp at Tambaram- Chennai in connection with centenary celebrations of Sri Jagadguru Sri Sri Ramachndrananda Teertha Mahaswamigal. Grand reception was accorded to His Holiness at Tambaram in the evening of 25th.


SRIKRISHNA JAMAJAYANTHI Mahotsavam was celebrated on Sep 5th in a grand manner at Mumbai. His Holiness performed special Pooja and Dolotsavam at Midnight as per Shrimutt tradition and blessed thousands of devotees.

NAKSHATRA MANDALOTSAVAM (marking completion of 27 years of Srichakra Upasana Pooja of His Holiness) was observed by His Holiness on Friday (25th Sep. 2015) in a serene and grand manner. More than 100 devotees from all over the country participated in the seva and obtained Guru’s Grace.

His Holiness completed the Chaturmasya Vratha on Monday (29th Sep) and conducted the Viswaroopa Yatra.


At Shrimutt branch , Tambaram- Chennai, Special Veda Parayana was conducted by Shri Tirumala Tirupathi devasthanam with about100 pundits on August 1, 2 and 3. All the branches of Veda- viz. Rig, Shukla Yajus, Krishna Yajus, Sama and Atharva were covered. All the pundits and organizers were honoured by Shrimutt.

Vara Siddhi Vinayaka Vratham was celebrated at Shrimutt Camp at Mumbai with the special pooja by His Holiness on August 25th.

Sri Krishna Janmaashtami Pooja, one of the most important functions of Shrimutt was celebrated at Shrimutt Camp at Mumbai on 14th of August with all grandeur. Hundreds of devotees attended from Mumbai and other parts of the country and obtained the Blessings of His Holiness along with the hot Kashaya teertha at midnight. Celebrations were conducted in Shrimutt Branch at Tambaram- Chennai also with the ususal fervour attended by hundreds of Chennai devotees.

Varamahalakshmi Vratham was celebrated in Shrimutt of Friday, 4th August with ususal Sampradaya of Shrimutt.

SHRIKRISHNA JANMAASHTAMI celebrations were conducted in a grand manner in Shri mutt Tambaram on August 25th,. His Holiness performed special pooja at 9 PM followed by DOLOTSAVAM at 12 mid night, marking the birth of Lord Krishna. Thousands of devotees attended the poojas and took the special Kashaya Teertha from HH.

Sri Thotaka Bhagavadpada Aradhana was celebrated on 4th at Shrimutt camp at Mumbai.

Naga Panchami Pooja was celebrated on 19th at Shrimutt camp at Mumbai.


Vyasa Pooja and Chaturmasya Vratha Sankalpa was observed by His Holiness on July 9th at Shankaralayam- Hariharaputra Bhajan samaj- Chembur W. Mumbai. The Pooja Mantap was decorated in a grand manner for the ocassion. The hall was full with devotees from Mumbai and all other parts of the country.

His Holiness was accorded a rousing reception at Chinna Tirupathi Srinivasa Temple at Ambattur on Saturday, 9th July evening. His Holiness rendered Anugrahabhashan on the Bhakti of Lord Hanuman. He also opened a plaque commomerating His visit to the temple. The camp was well attended by devotees in all sessions and during all days. After planting a sapling of Chapaka Tree signifying the Sthala Vriksha of the temple, His Holiness left for Shrimutt Tambaram.

His Holiness performed Brahma Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Gomathi Sankara - Sankaranarayana Temple at Agaram Perambur on Monday 11th July 2016. The function was attended by thousands of devotees. After completing Poojas to the main deities, His Holiness opened a plaque containing Stotras on the deities written by His Holiness himself and rendered a crisp Anugrahabhashan.

Shrimutt camp at Naganallur was well attended by hundreds of devotees both in the moring and evening sessions. On Friday, 8th July a Suvasini pooja was conducted at the behest of Shrimutt. Sarees and prasadams were given free to 54 Suvasinis. His Holiness, at the invitation of respective temple authorities, visited Anjaneya temple, Vinayaka temple, Rajarajeswari temple, Ayyappa Temple, Guruvayurappa temple & Hayagrival temple at Nanganallur during the days of camp. After blessing the devotees with Mantra Akshata the camp left Nanganallur on Saturday 9th July evening.

Shrimutt camp was accorded a grand welcome at Ardhanareeswarar temple at Nanganallur on Sunday July 3rd evening. Enroute to Naganallur, His Holiness visited the Anantha Padmanabhaswami temple at Adyar, at the invitation of Temple Board. After having Darshan of Lord Padmanabha His Holiness gave a thought provoking Anugrahabhashan.

Shrimutt camp reached Tambaram Chennai on Wednesday, July 1st evening.A ceremonious welcome was accorded to His Holiness by all the devotees.

Shrimutt camp left from Chennai (Tambaram) to Mumbai on Sunday, 19th July.A reverential & warm send-off was given by huge number of devotees assembled at Tambaram.

His Holiness observed Vyasa Pooja on Guru Poornima day (29th July) at Sankaralayam Mumbai (Sri Hariharaputra Bhajan Samaj) and commenced His Chaturmasya Vratha. He will be camping in the same premises till September end.


Shrimutt camp reached Mumbai on June 28th in connection with the observance of Chaturmasya Vratha at Mumbai. Grand reception was accorded to His Holiness at Shri Hariharaputra Bhajan samaj, Chembur, Mumbai by Shri Jayanth Lapsia and the devotees of Mumbai.

His Holiness visited Upanishad Vanam at Yoga Nikaya Ashramam near Hosur on June 10th. Elaborate arrangements were made by Sri J. Chandramouli, Sishya of Brahmsri Nochur Venkataraman at the Ashramam. Sri. Nochur Anna & family along with hundred devotees were present. His Holiness had a darshan at Sri Dakshinamurthy Sannidhi and gave anugrahabhashanam on Sri Krishna`s visit to Vidhura`s house at Hastinapura and equated that Sri santhanavenugopalakrishna of Shrimutt has visited the Ashram that day in deference of the wishes of Sri Nochur Anna.

His Holiness performed the Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Vinayakar temple,Shivalli Smartha Bhavan, Visvesvariah layout, Bangalore on June 9th. In connection with the rituals Shrimutt camped in the premises for two days. Scores of devotees had darshan of His Holiness and participated in the Kumbhabhishekam.

Shrimadbhagavatha Katha Sapthaham by Brahmasri Nochur Venkatarama Sharma concluded on June 5th. His Holiness was present daily at Yagnamantapam for hearing the discourse. About 250 people, majority of them first time visitors to Shrikeshetra Shakatapuram participated during these 8 days. His Holiness blessed Shri Nochur Anna, other pundits and all the devotees and gave an Anugrahabhashan on the concluding day. This was followed by Avabrutha Snanam.

Shrimutt camp left Bengaluru on Wednesday 29th June 2016 to Chennai. Grand reception was accorded to His Holiness at Ethiraja Kalyanamantapam, TTK Road Alwarpet, Chennai. His Holiness rendered Anugrahabhashana and blessed hundreds of devotees assembled there. The camp at Ethiraja Kalyana Mantapam was well attended both in the morning & evening. Sri Damal Ramkrishnan Swami , Aasthana Vidwan, did a Upanyasam on Saturday 2nd July evening on Lord Krishna. The camp left for Nanganallur on Sunday, 3rd July evening.

Shrimutt camp left Shakatapuram on Saturday, 25th June to Bengaluru enroute to Chennai. His Holiness was accorded a warm reception at Shrimutt Branch at J.P.Nagar.

Maha kumbhabhishekam of Sri Ram Mandir at Guregon Mumbai was performed by His Holiness on JUne 8th. Thousands of devotees attended the festival. The function was relayed live by Shankara TV.

Anniversary function (Varshabhisheka) of Vinayaka temple at Prashanth Nagar Bengaluru was celebrated in the august presence of His Holiness on May 15th. Thousands of devotees attended and received the blessings of Guru Devata. His Holiness gave an Anugrahabhashan on the glory of Lord Vinayaka based on the Ganesha pancharatna Stotra of Aadi Shankara Bhagavadpada.

Shrimutt Camp left for Mumbai from Shakatapuram on May 31st and reached Sri Hariharaputra Bhajan samaj on the evning of June 01. Grand reception was accorded to His Holiness by Mumbai devotees.


His Holiness performed Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Kalaanaatheswara Swami temple at Karangi, few kilometers from Shrikshetra Shakatapuram on May 22nd.

His Holiness performed Maha Kumbhabhishekam of Shri Parashakthi Maramma Temple, Vasanthapura Bangalore on MAy 18th, witnessed by hundreds of people.

Shrimad Bhavatha Katha Sapthaham by Brahmasri Nochur Venkatarama Sharma commenced at Shrikshetra Shakatapuram on 29th May. The Parayanam was conducted by Shri Nochur Anna and learned pundits daily from 6 AM to 11 AM. Pravachanam by Shri Nochur Anna was between 3.30 PM to 5 PM and 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM. daily for 7 days.

Aradhana festival of Shri Jagadguru Ramachandranandaterrtha Mahaswamigal was conducted in an austere manner as per Shrimutt tradition at Shrikkshetra Shakatapuram as well as Branch Shrimutt at Tambaram on May 26th, 27th and 28th. His Holiness performed special poojas ath the Adhishtanam of Shri ramachandra Periyava.

The Shankaracharya of Gudali Mutt visited Shrikshetra Shakatapuram on 6th May.

SHRI NARASIMHA JAYANTHI SPECIAL POOJA was conducted by His Holiness at Shrikshetra Shakatapuram on 9th May.

Akshaya Trithiya and Prathishta Mahotsavam of Sri Rajarajeswari Amba was celebrated at Shrimutt Tambaram in a grand manner. The festivities concluded with the Rathotsava of Shri Matha Rajarajeswari and Sri Adishankara Bhavadpada at East tambaram on 11th may 2016. Hundreds of devotees participated in all the festivals.

Shankara Jayanthi festivals were conducted with relegious fervour for five days ending on 11th May 2016. Special poojas to Shri Aadi Shankara Bhagavadpada was conducted and special AArthi by HH. HH recited Shankara Vijaya Purana every day at Shrikeshetra Shakatapuram.

Sri Santhana Venugopalakrishna Brahma Rathotsavam was celebrated with all festivities and grandeur on 9th May. Hundreds of devotees from all over India and large number of local people participated in the festivals span over 10 days at Shrikshetra Shakatapuram.

His Holiness performed special Pooja to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha at Srikhetra Shakatapuram on the Narasimha Jayanthi day on Saturday, May 2nd.

Aradhanai festival of His Holiness Sri Sri Ramachandrananda teertha Mahaswamigal (32nd Peetadhipathi and the Guru of present peetadhipathi) was celebrated with devotion at Srikshetra Shakatapuram and Tambaram during May 19th, 20th and 21st.


SHRI SHANTHANA VENUGOPALAKRISHNA BRAHMA RATOTSAVA was conducted in a grand manner at Shrikshetra Shakatapuram on Akshaya Trithiya-29th April 2017. 30th was Shankara Jayanthi celebrations celebrated with usual divinity. Devoteess from all over the country particpated in the festivals spanning 10 days. Tambaram Barnch Shrimutt also celebrated the festivals in a grand manner particpated by all the local devotees.

Sri Santhanagopalakrishna Brahmarathotsava, Aksahya Trithiya and Sri Shankara jayanthi Mahotsava was celebrated in a grand manner at Srikshetra Shakatapuram between 11th April & 23rd April. (See the detailed article on the celebrations)


Shrimutt camp left Tambaram to Srikeshtera Shakatapuram on 13th March after eventful and serene days at Chennai and Kanchipuram.

His Holiness performed the daily poojas at the Kanchipuram camp on 5th and 6th March. Suvasini Poojas were conducted in a grand manner daily morning participated by hundreds of suvasinis. His Holiness visited Shri Kamakshi Temple in the evening and also during ardhajamam for ekanta darshanam. On 6th morning His Holiness visited Sri Ekambareswara Temple and Orirukkai - Manimantapam. On 7th morning His Holiness visited Shri Varadaraja Perumal Temple and the camp left for Chennai in the evening.

Shrimutt camp left for Kanchipuram on Sunday, March 5th evening. His Holiness was accorderd a grand reception at Kanch Shrimutt. His holiness performed Aarti at the Adhishtanam of Sri Maha Periyava afterwhich there was divine confluence of His Holiness and Shri Jayandra Periyava and Shri Bala Periyava. All devotees had a rare darshan of all the three Periyavas together afterwhich the camp moved to Kamakshi Kalyanamantapam. His Holiness gave an excellent Anugrahabhashan highlighting the greatness of Kanchi.

SHRIMUTT camp left Chennai- Tambaram on Sunday 13th March 2016 to Bengaluru enroute to Srikshetra Shakatapuram. After staying at Bengaluru Shrimutt on Monday, 14th, the camp will reach Shakatapuram on Tuesday 15th March.

SHRIMUTT CAMP at Chennai Tambaram concluded on Sunday 13th March 2016. His Holiness gave a thought provoking Anugrahabhashan. Srikarayam & Administratopr spoke about the new project to be commenced at Srikshetra Shakatapuram on the UGADI day ( 8th April 2016) marking the beginning of Swarna Jayanthi & Brahma Kumbhabhishekam to be celbrated at Shakatapuram during December 2017.

HIS HOLINESS performed Chatur yama Mahashivarathri Pooja at Shrimutt Tambaram on 7th March evening and blessed devotees with Terrtha Prasadam on the morning of 8th March. Hundreds of devotees attended the pooja throughout night.


Mahashivarathri chaturyama pooja was conducted by His Holiness at Shrimutt Tambaram as per Shrimutt tradition. Hundreds of devotees participated throught night and obtained Terrtha Prasadam the next morning. Elaborate arrangements for special prasadams were made by Shrimutt administration for devotees who contributed to the Pooja Seva.

Tambaram Shrimutt witnessed a serene Peetarohana Anniversary Celebration on Wed. 22nd Feb 2017, essentially to bless the devotees who could not attend the celebrations on 15th at Ambattur. The event culminated with the Anugrahabhasahn of His Holiness on the Dharma ordained on Grahasthas (householders). Couple of devotees who were witness to the first Peetarohana on 22.02.1981 were honoured by Shrimutt on this ocassion.

The 36th Sanyasa sweekarana- Peetarohana anniversary festival of His Holiness was conducted at Chinna Tirupathi Temple- Ambattur- Chennai on Wednesday, 15th Feb. 2017.The arrangements were exemplary and the highlight of the event was honouring 36 achievers in various fields of arts and culture. The Anugrahabhashan of His Holiness for about 45 minutes was very touching, highlighting the duties of Grahasthas and Sanyasis.

Shrimutt camp left Tambaram to Ambattur- Chinna Tirupathi Temple- on Saturday, 11th Feb,2017. Elaborate and grand reception was accorded to His Holiness at Chinna Tirupathi temple by the Committee. After the welcome address and Duli Pada Pooja, His Holiness rendered a thought provoking Anugrahabhashan.

Shrimutt camp arrived at Chennai- Tambaram on Tuesday, 7th Feb. 2017. A rousing reception was accorded to His Holiness. His Holiness delivered an Anugrahabhashan on the one ness of Hari & Hara and blessed the gathering.


SHRI VENUGOPALASWAMI PRATHISHTA AND KUMBHABHISHEKAM was conducted in a grand manner at Shrimutt premises at Srikshetra Shakatapuram on 20th and 21st of january 2016. This was followed by Maharudra Yagnam for three days. Devotees from many parts of India attended the functions and obtained the grace of GURU DEVATA.

Free medical camps were conducted covering eye check up, IOL surgery, blood donation, heart check up and Bone density check up was conducted as part of Janmajayanthi celebrations of His Holiness at Srikshetra Shakatapuram. Hundreds of poor and needy people from the villages were benefited by these camps which included free treatment and medicines and surgeries for the needy.

VIDWAD SADAS under the auspecies of BRAHMAVIDYA PARISHAD was conducted at Srikshetra Shakatapuram between 3oth December 2015 and 4th January 2016, as part of Janmajayanthi celebrations of His Holiness. Scholars from different parts of the country numbering 25+ participated and were honoured fittingly by Shrimutt.

Janmajayanthi Celebrations of his Holiness was celebrated in a grand manner at Srikshetra Shakatapuram. Devotees from all over the country participated in all the havans, festivities and poojas.